Exhibition view, Summer Show, 2024. Photo Julien Gremaud.

Summer Show

Group Show

June 7th - July 5th 2024

Alfredo Aceto & Chloé Delarue & Denis Savary & Clément Grimm & Thomas Liu Le Lann & Finn Massie & Eliot Möwes

GALERIE MIGHELA SHAMA x HIT March 20th - May 24th 2024

Audrey Guttman & Charles Hascoët & Leonardo Meoni & Regina Parra & Chloe West

Art Brussels 2024 APRIL 25TH - APRIL 28TH 2024

David Weishaar

Chemically Induced Magic Unfolds | artgenève 2024 January 25th - January 28th 2024

Dorian Büchi

Self-Portraits, Portraits And Still Lives January 23rd - February 12th 2024

Audrey Guttman

Doll House Blues January 19th - February 22nd 2024

Chloe West

At Your Altar October 6th - December 15TH 2023

Charles Hascoët

Portrait JUNE 9TH - JUNE 30TH 2023

Madelynn Green

Mirror Mirror May 5th - June 2nd 2023

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